Automating human intelligence

Bolesian was founded over three decades ago in 1985, as the first artificial intelligence company in the Netherlands. Since then we have relentlessly been working on the development of Hybrid Artificial Intelligence, the next generation in AI. It has always been our way to make expert knowledge part of our solutions. By combining machine learning with knowledge technology we automate human intelligence! It is our mission to let the leaders of our time experience how they can achieve their goals better, faster and more efficiently. With HybridAI we get things done!

Bolesian is an organization of specialists in artificial intelligence (AI). Founded by Bote Schijff and Leen Zevenbergen in 1985, Bolesian is the first and most experienced AI-company in the Netherlands. Even in the early days, the Bolesians are pragmatic visionary innovators who shake up the IT world with intelligent systems that are way ahead of their time. Subsidy assessment for governments, configuration of complex industrial products, fraud detection for insurance companies, planning and scheduling systems for industry and transport, intelligent monitoring of gas fields; these are just a few examples of the impressive applications that – several decades ago! – Bolesian developed in the Dutch epicenter of AI.

Dutch Innovation Award

The most innovative ICT company!

We can hear you think: “Wow, that’s a fantastic story! So what happened next?” Eh… to make a long story short: Bolesian was bought by a large IT company and that did not work out well unfortunately. Entrepreneurship made way for management. Groundbreaking innovation was overruled by shareholder interests. In the years that followed many people left the company and eventually the curtain seemed to fall for the innovative tribe from Helmond. Or not …?

No, definitely not! Because three Bolesians took up the gauntlet. Chris van Aart, Bas Zuidwijk and – Bolesian’s founder – Leen Zevenbergen joined forces and added a glorious new episode to Bolesian’s history. And so the saga continues. Bolesian has meanwhile moved from Helmond to Utrecht and the epicenter of artificial intelligence in the Netherlands is now flourishing like never before.

The resurrection of Bolesian and the relentless urge for better and more intelligent solutions have resulted in Bolesian being one of the three finalists for the Dutch Innovation Award 2020. According to the jury, Bolesian can rightly call itself the most innovative ICT company in the Netherlands. Needless to say that we are very proud of that accomplishment!