Anonymize building permits

City of Groningen


City of Groningen



Effortlessly comply with privacy regulations before publishing. Anonimizer™ is Bolesian’s platform for analyzing documents or images and ensuring privacy compliancy by removing or blurring personal data automatically.

Employees of the construction department of the city of Groningen use Anonimizer daily to anonymize (applications for) building permits before these permits can be published. The files contain a multitude of types of documents such as decision letters, research reports, construction drawings, e-mails, etc.

Bolesian has set up Anonimizer for the city of Groningen in such a way that the platform automatically recognizes different types of documents and places them in the correct processing flow. Anonimizer can deal with various knowledge-based exception rules and flawlessly process all information in accordance with the AVG (GDPR).

Anonimizer processes many thousands of pages and images per month, saving the city lots of money and the civil servants lots of time.