Optimizing infrastructure maintenance






With Sentinizer™ we are able to inspect visual data and automatically detect, classify and locate anomalies or objects. One of the applications of Bolesian’s Sentinizer™ is the detection and classification of road surface damage.

Governments in the Netherlands jointly spend €1.5 billion annually on infrastructure maintenance. By optimizing infrastructure maintenance with intelligent technologies, we save hundreds of millions of euros in taxpayers’ money every year. There are not only financial benefits to be gained. Optimization of maintenance planning promotes traffic flow and makes an important contribution to the environment by reducing the carbon footprint of maintenance.

Primerion – a joint venture between Bolesian and the Dutch infrastructure contractor De Jong Zuurmond – offers services to road authorities and to parties that maintain infrastructure. With these services, road authorities can better manage their assets. Parties that offer maintenance of infrastructure gain more insight into the state of the roads to be maintained and what exactly needs to be offered.


  1. Road Intelligence, all relevant features of your infrastructure in a clear overview and easily accessible.
  2. Road State, visual inspections as a service, for insight into the exact current condition of the road surface in your area.
  3. Road Aging, insight into road surface aging scenarios based on the current situation.