Analysis of groundwater wells

Water board Hunze & Aa's


Water board Hunze & Aa's



The Dutch water board Hunze & Aa’s uses Bolesian’s Geonizer platform for automatically classifying, geo-referencing and analyzing survey reports about groundwater wells. Many thousands of survey reports are available within the water board. Finding the right information is not always easy for the water board’s geotechnical and hydrological experts. Historical data goes back decades, when digitization of documents and providing proper metadata was not self-evident.

Geonizer analyzes documents in a way that is similar to the way a human would do this. Geonizer searches the data sources available within the water board and classifies documents relating to groundwater monitoring wells. The relevant documents are searched by Geonizer. Monitoring well diagrams are automatically analyzed and specific data is extracted. This includes geo-coordinates, the length of the monitoring tube, the filter length and the filter type. Geonizer can also analyze drill profiles and drill reports.

Geonizer enables the water board’s geotechnical and hydrological experts to directly access all relevant research information within documents based on location, resulting in a huge efficiency improvement in the work of the experts.