Ensuring privacy compliance

City of Nijmegen


City of Nijmegen



Effortlessly comply with privacy regulations before publishing. Anonimizer™ is Bolesian’s platform for analyzing documents or images and ensuring privacy compliancy by removing or blurring personal data automatically.

In the context of the ‘Wet Kenbaarheid Publiekrechtelijke Beperkingen’ (WKPB) – the Disclosure of Public Law Restrictions Act – Dutch authorities must supply information to the Kadaster (Land Registry). This information has to do with restrictions on real estate. This concerns, for example, special rules that apply to monumental buildings or restrictions imposed in the context of the Opium Act or fire safety. The Land Registry makes this information public, which means that this information must be privacy proof.

Until now, the city of Nijmegen has always manually anonymized documents. Officials analyze the documents and censor any relevant data they come across. If the execution of a task requires human intelligence, but the handling of the task is inhumanly large, the deployment of artificial intelligence is valuable. Analyzing and anonymizing a document is a task the requires human intelligence. However, processing thousands of documents requires an automated approach.

Commissioned by the city of Nijmegen, we deployed Anonimizer to process all documents concerning real estate. Anonimizer analyzes the content of the document, classifies the type of document and selects an anonymizing strategy based on the documents subject. After that, the platform detects all privacy sensitive data in the document and – depending on the strategy – applies knowledge rules for censoring data or not. Finally the document are exported to a new anonymized version and safely sent back to the city of Nijmegen.