Ensuring privacy compliance

Municipality Rijssen-Holten


Municipality Rijssen-Holten



The municipality of Rijssen-Holten switched to new software for zoning plans (bestemmingsplannen). Prior to the conversion, the current digital zoning plans had to be anonymized. To this end, the municipality wanted to carry out a pilot with Bolesian’s Anonimizer platform. Anonymizing means that AVG/GDPR-sensitive data contained in those documents must be automatically made unreadable (masking).

Several hundred zoning plans have been incorporated into the pilot. There was a draft version and a final version of each zoning plan. Each version consisted of several documents such as the zoning plan and a determination decision. In addition, many files contained supporting research documents, for example for soil, noise, air quality etc. All these documents vary in structure; especially the research documents because they come from various external sources. The zoning plans cover a period of more than a decade. This concerns both documents that have already been created digitally and physical documents that have been scanned from paper.

The pilot was very successful and was carried out to the full satisfaction of the municipality of Rijssen-Holten. The next step is to integrate Anonimizer into the work processes of the municipality.