Intelligent solutions for practical problems

Rely on experience

Based on decades of experience in applying artificial intelligence, Bolesian offers you intelligent solutions to solve practical problems. These solutions include monitoring and classification of visual data, analyzing and structuring information, extracting meta data and geo data from both text and images. With our AI solutions we get the job done!

Which task needs automating?

Anonymizing information


Effortlessly comply with privacy regulations before publishing and ensure privacy compliance. Anonimizer analyzes documents or images and ensures privacy compliancy by removing or blurring personal data automatically.

Visit the Anonimizer website (Dutch)

Insight into area development


Immediate insight into all relevant information for developments within a specific area. Automatically extract meta or geo data from textual or visual information. The world of information at a glance with Geonizer.

Inspection of areas and assets


Optimize asset management with high performance fully automated analysis of large quantities of visual data. Detect and classify objects or anomalies with unprecedented ease and accuracy. The sharp eye of Sentinizer.

Structuring unstructured information


Support better decision making by easily analyzing large quantities of unstructured information. Get instant access to the information you need with Semantizer.

Automating Human Intelligence

Special Projects

Whether it be monitoring countless fragments of VHF radio traffic, analyzing drill cores or predicting asset availability at some point in the future. We automate tasks that require human intelligence, but are inhumanely large to handle.

Check out the use cases with our SPECIAL PROJECTS.

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